Casino Expansion Talks Hit Roadblock

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The tribe wants to add hotel rooms, restaurants and retail shops to its Cache Creek Casino, about 25-miles west of Woodland.

But County Supervisor Mike McGowan says the tribe’s plan doesn’t do enough to offset sharp demands in sewer services, traffic enforcement and fire protection. 

“Economically it’s a real drain on the county. The dollars that are needed to compensate the county for all of its impacts in a myriad of ways is just inadequate.” 

Tribe attorney John Taylor says the casino would adequately mitigate any community impacts…and that tribe officials want to straighten out sticking points in the negotiations. 

“I can’t comment on those right now but the tribe does in fact hope that things will run smoothly and that there will be a settlement reached with the county.” 

Both sides could go before an arbitrator in as soon as 30-days.