Shorter School Year Bad Idea, Say Education Officials

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, January 5, 2009

Right now, the school year in California is 180 days.  Under the Governor’s budget proposal, schools could cut that to 175 days.  The administration says that’s one way schools could make necessary cuts.  Under the Governor’s budget schools will have to shave two billion dollars this school year – and billions more next school year.  Dave Gordon is Sacramento County’s Superintendent of Schools.  He says students need more time in school – not less.  And he says the proposal won’t play out equally in districts across the state:

“Places that have a lot of money, that are affluent, will find a way not to do that, because they’ll raise money one way or another and it will be the kids who need the days the most, where it’ll just get cut, because they’ll have no alternative and that’s just, that’s not right.”

Schwarzenegger’s finance director, Mike Genest says the Governor has offered schools more flexibility in cutting costs in an effort to make things as easy on them as possible.  But he notes that spending will have to be cut in all areas to make up the state’s 40 billion dollar shortfall.