From Bandit Taxicabs To Cyber Bullying -- New Laws In 2009

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, January 2, 2009
California lawmakers targeted so-called cyber-bullying last year.  Now school officials can suspend or expel students who harass or intimidate others on social networking sites like myspace - or through text-messaging.  Another law aimed at protecting kids requires wave pool operators to provide life vests to non-swimmers, children under 42 inches tall - and anyone else who wants one.   High school and college journalism teachers have new protections this year, too.  It's now illegal for them to be punished for refusing to censor some student material.   Other changes:  Regulators can now disconnect the phone lines of so-called bandit taxicabs that are unlicensed.  Bottled water sold in California now has to include the source on the label.  Recyclers have to take the thumbprint and driver's license number from people selling scrap metals.  And a new board will be established to certify massage therapists.