Delayed Doctor Visits Mean Sick Kids After the Holidays

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, January 2, 2009

Pediatrician, Dr. Ravinder Khaira, says every year there are a lot of sick kids in his clinic the Monday after the holidays.

“I’m ready for the rush.”

Khaira’s with the Sacramento Sutter Medical Center and says his patient load increases by 20 percent. He says kids come in with colds, bronchitis or ear infections.

“Nurses are always ready to hand out notes to give them excuses, and a lot of kids end up going back to school late and the vast majority of time you’ll find that after break that’s usually times that kids have one or two days that they miss.” 

Khaira says parents will push off a doctor’s visit because family might be visiting or schedules are hectic. But he says that means those visiting cousins also get sick. He says to avoid these complications next year parents just need to call their doctor’s office, even if it’s over the holidays.