Governor's Budget: Local Reaction

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sacramento County Chief Operations Officer Nav Gill says it’s a mixed bag. 
Gill: “On revenue side, seems like the governor’s proposed budget will enhance the sales tax that the counties receive.” 
On the other hand, Gill says, the governor is calling for more cuts to health and human services – on top of similar cuts earlier this year. 
Gill: “Seeing another reduction in Health and Human Services puts us in a very tough bind in providing the level of service on behalf of the state, and we continue to receive cuts while the case loads are going up.” 
Gill also points to proposed cuts to several public safety grants, which he says would hurt the county’s ability to protect its residents.

The county already has to re-open its budget process in January to cut costs, due to the sagging economy.  Any cuts handed down from the state would also be addressed at that time.