Cabbies Gear Up For Busy Night

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, December 31, 2008

For cabbies…tonight marks the peak of the holiday season. 

“New Year’s Eve is our busiest night by far.” 

Fred Pleines is president of the Yellow Cab Company of Sacramento. He says most of his cabbies will be sleeping in today in preparation for a long night.  

“Drivers will get well-rested. They’ll stay home during the day, come out at night.” 

And Pleines says cabbies are looking forward to the business. 

“The drivers like it because the tips are good, they’re going to stay very busy.” 

That will help ease the end of a difficult year for cabbies, who have not escaped the economic downturn.

Independent taxi cab owner Nirup Dave of Dave’s Taxi Service in Sacramento, says business is down considerably.      

“It’s been pretty tough. In the past year or so we’ve gone down by 20% - 25%.” 

He says fluctuating gas prices have really hurt his company.

“One day it is this and the other day it’s that. It becomes very difficult for you to predict what your profit margin is going to be. A lot of us are just barely making it.” 

Meanwhile, if you wind up calling a taxi, Yellow Cab’s Fred Pleines says be patient. 

“Just allow us a little more time to get there because all the drivers are just very, very busy. They’re going to be working hard.”