US Census Will Hire Temporary Workers

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The US Census Bureau is planning to hire about 1,500 temporary, part-time workers in the Stockton and Sacramento areas between now and 2010.

Spokeswoman Barbara Ferry says the first group of workers they hire will be verifying addresses. 

“Our field people will be out in every neighborhood noting every single address. And then we’ll take that information to base where we send the questionnaires in 2010.”

Ferry says they’ll be striving to do a better job of hiring in the region’s various ethnic neighborhoods. 

“It’s important to us to try and get people in the community working within their community.” 

Critics say previous census figures have overlooked some minorities.

Nationwide, the Census Bureau will be filling about half-a-Million jobs by the spring of 2010. The part-time positions last between six to ten weeks…and pay about 15-dollars an hour. It’s all in preparation for the next Census Day - which will be on April first of 2010.

The federal government uses the population head count to distribute tax dollars.