Tahoe Regional Planning Agency Announces Budget Cuts

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, December 30, 2008

An agency that controls new developments around Lake Tahoe is announcing major budget cuts.  And, it could take longer to get a permit. 
The “Tahoe Regional Planning Agency”  or TRPA says it is permanently closing its office in Tahoe City on the north side of Lake Tahoe…and starting an agency wide hiring freeze.
TRPA officials blame a sharp slowdown in construction application fees and state budget problems in California and Nevada for its half-million dollar shortfall.
Spokesman Dennis Oliver says the cuts also will mean some changes for the office in Stateline on the south shore… 
“We’re going to furlough the entire staff and close the agency one day each month for the next six months for now starting in January and that’s simply a whole business week that you won’t be able to get hold of us…”
That could cause delays for building a business, house or remodeling project.
Oliver says TRPA doesn’t anticipate laying off any of its 85 employees, but he says workers won’t get pay raises soon.