Audio Postcard: Not Your Traditional Christmas Tree Farm

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(Rural Yolo County, CA)
Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"I’m Emily Amy, and we’re out in rural Yolo County between Davis and Winters.
"This is by no means the traditional Christmas tree farm.
"My parents started selling Christmas trees here in 1956, so I think we’re the oldest Christmas tree farm also in the Sacramento Valley that’s still going.
"Our theory is, we don’t want to kill a tree for Christmas; we just want to borrow part of the tree.  We ask people when they cut the tree to leave at least four or five good-size branches on the stump below the cut.
"One of the other differences between us and a lot of places is we don’t shear our trees.  This is how they grow.  It’s kinda like if you walked into a forest in the mountains.
"The one advantage to re-cutting for us is that the roots of the tree are established, and the re-growth will actually save about two years for having another tree from if we had to plant a new one.  So it’s not just – you know, yes, I like the idea that we’re not killing the tree, but for us it helps.
"We’ve had trees go out that are bigger than the car they’re on.  You can’t see the car – I mean, there’s some wheels there, but the tree is on top and the car is somewhere underneath there.  I know we’ve had some go out that are over 25 feet tall.
"This year’s been okay.  I think this is the kind of thing that a family does as an activity, and it gets your mind away from those financial challenges that you might have.
"I do this because I love living out here, where I can hear the birds and sit down in peace and quiet.  You do it because you enjoy doing it."