Theatre Review: La Pastorela

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, December 19, 2008

“La Pastorela” is a longstanding tradition in several American cities with a large Latino population. Now Sacramento, which was a part of Mexico 200 years ago, has a “Pastorela” of its own. The show begins with a processional, as a group of shepherds leads the audience into the theater.

(“Vamos Caminando”)

These shepherds are rustic sorts, who enjoy folk dancing when the opportunity arises.

(Dance music) 

The shepherds are on their way to see the Baby Jesus. But the forces of darkness are determined to keep that from happening.


Never fear, there are winged angels who fly in whenever it seems the bad guys might actually win.  This provides opportunities for social commentary, served up with folksy humor. “La Pastorela” features belly laughs and physical comedy, running parallel to the religious story. It’s a charming little hour-long show – hopefully the beginning of a holiday tradition that local audiences will enjoy for years to come.

"La Pastorela" plays through December 24th at the Sacramento Theatre Company.