State Air Resources Board to Act on Landmark Measures

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Board is expected to give the final OK to the state’s plan on AB 32.  That’s the law requiring that greenhouse gas emissions be cut 30-percent by the year 2020.  The plan touches a variety of industries—including energy production, auto making and transportation fuels.  

The Board is also expected to approve regulations requiring heavy duty, smog producing diesel truck engines to be retrofitted and eventually replaced.  Chairwoman Mary Nichols calls it all a huge agenda—but recognizes it’s in tough times.

“But I think the board has listened and paid attention to what we’ve heard from the affected industries and we’re convinced we can do this in a way that can be helpful to the economy as well.”

Health advocacy groups have hailed the measures saying they’ll save lives. Business groups have questioned the state’s economic analysis of the greenhouse gas emissions plan, while some truckers have asked to delay the new diesel truck rule—until the economy improves.