Johnson Hopes City Audit WIll Find Savings

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, December 9, 2008

During the campaign, Johnson repeatedly called for a top-to-bottom audit of city finances.  But now, he says, Sacramento’s in such dire financial straits that there’s no time for the full audit.
Johnson: “We are right now in a budget cycle where we’re having to make mid-year cuts in January.  So if we’re gonna do that, we need to get information really, really quickly to make sure we’re smart.” 
So Johnson says he’s lined up the same accounting firm that’s working on restructuring Lehman Brothers and Washington Mutual.  It’s also worked with the New Orleans and New York City public schools.  The firm will take a quick look at the entire city, then zero in on a handful of departments that it believes need the most work.  The mayor says it’ll cost Sacramento less than $200,000 over eight weeks.
Johnson says the other city council members are on board with the idea.  City manager Ray Kerridge’s office declined comment, saying it didn’t have enough specifics.