Sacramento Ballet Hopes To Dance Around Economic Crisis

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Sacramento Ballet is feeling the financial pinch and its hopeful the grinch won’t steal Christmas.
The stale economy has pushed ballet ticket sales way down this year.
Executive director Kerri Warner says that pressures the company to make money on its upcoming holiday production of “The Nutcracker”… 
“Our October production came in at about 65-percent of what we had originally projected and that looks like where the Nutcracker is going to come in as well unless the community responds.  It really is a scary situation across the board for arts organizations right now…and we’re certainly no different…”
In a good year, Warner says “The Nutcracker” brings in enough funds to make up nearly half of the ballet’s 2.5 million dollar budget. 
The Sac Ballet run of “The Nutcracker” starts this Saturday and goes through December 23rd.