Democratic Lawmaker: Freeze Some State Workers' Salaries

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, December 4, 2008

Democratic Assemblyman Anthony Portantino got the idea after hearing about hefty pay raises for some administrators at California State University.  He’s introduced legislation that would temporarily ban any pay raises, bonuses or overtime pay for state employees making over 150-thousand dollars a year:

"When average Californians are struggling to buy gas and buy groceries and get through the holiday and are losing their jobs, you’re not going to get a raise for 24 months and you know what, you make 150-thousand dollars.  You’re going to be ok.”

Portantino expects the move would save hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Workers critical to public safety could be exempted by the Governor.  And the freeze wouldn’t apply to those under collective bargaining agreements – or those working in state prisons under the supervision of a federal receiver.  A CSU spokeswoman says they haven’t had time to review the legislation.  The UC system would be exempt from the freeze because it is protected by the constitution.