Deadly Virus at Animal Shelter Puts Cat Adoptions on Hold

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, December 3, 2008
An outbreak of a deadly virus at the Sacramento city animal shelter has put cat adoptions on hold. Over the weekend shelter workers euthanized 50 cats that came down with a highly contagious disease -- feline distemper.
Animal shelter spokeswoman Rhea Serran says the facility is still housing more than 50 cats. She says they can’t be adopted right now…but there is an alternative. 
“We have about 60 foster cats that have been housed by wonderful families across Sacramento that are available for adoption.” 
Serran says shelter adoptions will be delayed until at least next week. She says the virus is contained to the shelter and not a risk for animals outside of the facility. Officials suspect an infected cat was admitted to the shelter and the disease quickly spread – it only is harmful to cats.