Johnson Officially Becomes Sacramento's 55th Mayor

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, December 2, 2008

As Johnson picked up the gavel for his first city council meeting, he turned to city clerk Shirley Concolino for a little help.
Concolino: “Just gavel and say, Sacramento city council meeting come to order …”
(Sound of Johnson gaveling in the meeting)
Johnson: “Sacramento city council meeting is about to begin.”
And right after a brief opening statement …
Johnson: “I just wanna start by just saying thank you to each of you …”
… council member Robbie Waters gave the new mayor a friendly jab, alluding to Johnson’s after-hours campaign tour of City Hall where he sat in the mayor’s chair.
Waters: “Mayor!  Sure nice to see you back in that seat – again!” (laughter)
Earlier in the day, Johnson said he’ll rely on council members and city staff for help and advice.
Johnson: “Colleagues of the council are gonna be – not just colleagues, we’re gonna be best friends.  We’re gonna be in the trenches together, and we collectively are gonna find a way to move this city forward.” 
He got plenty of help when he needed it last night.  For example, the city clerk took a more active role than at previous council meetings.  Also, in a departure from past practice, Johnson asked public speakers to hold their comments to two minutes each.  The limit was three minutes under former mayor Heather Fargo.  That didn’t bother South Natomas resident Mike Isle, who said Johnson kept the meeting moving smoothly.
Isle: “Seemed to know what he was doing.  Seemed well-versed.  Moved the proceedings along, kept people – speakers up to the podium for the allocated time.  Looked good.” 
So for Johnson, one council meeting down … a couple hundred to go.