McClintock Claims Victory; Brown Doesn't Concede Yet

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(Roseville, CA)
Monday, December 1, 2008

With almost every ballot from the nine-county northern California district now tallied, the margin is a little under 1,600 votes.  So McClintock addressed his supporters Monday …
McClintock: “…to thank the people of the 4th congressional district who made the decision to stand by our traditional American principles of individual freedom and limited government.” 
But even though the Associated Press says McClintock’s lead appears insurmountable, the Brown campaign isn’t conceding yet.  McClintock says that decision is entirely up to his opponent.
McClintock: “No one knows better than I do how difficult it is to lose a close election.  My race for state controller was decided by about half the margin in 2002 as this election.” 
In a statement, Brown says he’ll evaluate his options over the next day or two and decide what to do next.