Dear Kevin: Advice from Two Former Sacramento Mayors

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, November 25, 2008

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Anne Rudin, who served as mayor of Sacramento from 1983-1992, says Johnson will have to get up to speed quickly on the city’s ongoing issues. 
Rudin: “It’s like getting on a moving train.  The train has been traveling for a long time, a long distance, and you’ve just gotta jump on at this station.  Things are already in the works that are gonna have to be resolved.  New things are gonna come up.  So he has a lot to catch up with.” 
Phil Isenberg held office from 1975 to 1982.  He says Johnson will have to learn how to run city council meetings – despite having never served in public office. 
Isenberg: “I viewed the role in part as kind of like a playground director – a playground director for the council members, not to give orders but to shape the process in a way that hopefully, you don’t consume endless hours chattering away at stuff.  You get the opinions expressed and you move to a decision.” 
Johnson won’t officially take office until next week, once the final election results are certified.  But he plans to talk about the state of Sacramento at his celebration Tuesday night at Memorial Auditorium.