Last-Ditch Effort To Balance State Budget

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, November 24, 2008

Incoming Senate Leader Darrel Steinberg admits there’s no agreement between Democrats and Republicans on how to fill an eleven billion dollar hole in this fiscal year’s budget.  But he says they’re working on one that would include a combination of cuts – and new revenues:

“The problem is of such significant magnitude that we feel that is vital that we at least give it our best shot tomorrow.”

The goal would be to come up with a deal before the scheduled late afternoon floor sessions.  Legislative leaders have been meeting with Schwarzenegger.  But Republican lawmakers are noncommittal.  Senate GOP Leader Dave Cogdill:

“There certainly aren’t any ironclad agreements at this point in time.  We just need to see the language and we’ll go from there.”

This legislative session officially ends Sunday.  If there’s no deal by then, the new group of lawmakers will tackle the out-of-whack budget next.