State Unemployment Jumps To 8.2 Percent

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, November 21, 2008

Loree Levy is with the California Employment Development Department. She says the rise in unemployment coincides with the economic downturn that started with housing-related industries…   

"And now what we're seeing is kind of that transforming into more of a consumer-related downturn. Where we're seeing job losses now in retail trade over the last couple of months, especially right now we'd see a lot of holiday hiring going on and we're just not seeing it at the level we've seen in the past." 

In a statement, Governor Schwarzenegger urged the state Legislature to pass an economic stimulus package to help keep jobs in California. 

Meanwhile, President Bush Friday signed a bill that will give the jobless an additional seven weeks of unemployment payments nationwide. But in California…and in six other states where unemployment is above six-percent…the extension is even longer. Some Californians will qualify for up to 33-weeks of assistance.