Grass Valley Considers Reopening Gold Mine

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dave Watkinson is a mining engineer who wants to reopen Grass Valley’s historic Idaho-Maryland Mine. 

“We think the potential here is 3 – 5 million ounces of gold with additional exploration.” 

And Watkinson says the mine would help boost the local economy. 

“We’re looking at 400 jobs that will be created here locally.” 

But some residents are worried that mining operations would hurt water and air quality and create a lot of noise.

“At what cost are we creating jobs?” 

Marina Bernheimer is with the community group Save the Air Nevada County. 

“I think it’s a horrible idea and I think there have got to be better jobs to be created.” 

City officials are still reviewing an environmental impact report on the mine. A public hearing on the report is set for Tuesday at 7 PM at the Grass Valley City Hall.