CSU: May Admit Fewer Students

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, November 17, 2008

CSU Chancellor Charles Reed says he plans to call for a “system-wide impaction.”  That means each university will be able to accept a limited number of students.  And most schools will stop accepting applications November 30th.  He says reducing the number of students is necessary because of expected state budget cuts.   He says otherwise schools can’t provide enough classes and services:

“I think that we are forced into the position that we are because degrading quality and not providing real access to students is a big issue.”

Reed says some schools will accept applications through March first. He says existing students, qualified community college students and high school seniors living in the area will get priority.  He says he’s worried that some minority students will be affected because they often submit applications late while gathering their finances.  He says the C-S-U system is working to get the word out.