Warmer Weekend Weather Increases Chance of Wildfires

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, November 14, 2008

Authorities are monitoring fire conditions in northern California as unseasonably warm weather moves in this weekend.
A fast-moving wildfire that has destroyed at least 100 homes and a college dormitory near Santa Barbara has firefighters concerned about additional blazes. 
But, Cal-Fire spokeswoman Alisha Herring says the Sacramento area isn’t in as much danger as other parts of the state… 
“With the warm weekend coming…the difference that they’re experiencing down in southern California is that they have those high winds.  High winds tend to dry fuels and drive fires faster than no wind than if there are no winds at all.  We have had some additional rain here in northern California that they haven’t gotten in southern California…”
A high pressure system will push afternoon temperatures Saturday and Sunday into the upper 70’s in Sacramento…and possibly as high as the mid 80’s in the bay area. 

There isn’t any rain in the forecast in within the next week and that could work against firefighters as they battle the so-called “Tea Fire” near Santa Barbara.