Lungren Wants Top GOP House Spot

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, November 14, 2008

Lungren says he’s challenging John Boehner, of Ohio, for the top Republican spot in the House in order to bring new blood and new ideas to the GOP.

“I happen to notice what happened a week ago Tuesday. We lost. We lost another 20 seats”.

It was the second straight election loss for Republicans since losing control of the House in 2006. Boehner is a powerful leader among Republicans…but most of the other members of the GOP leadership beneath him have stepped aside.

Lungren is an underdog but he says colleagues have been encouraging him run against Boehner. He also said he wants to challenge Boehner to a three-hour debate when House Republicans meet to elect new leadership next week.

“If we are a coalition of the comfortable, I lose. I lose. If we are a coalition of the uncomfortable, those that are willing to take a chance, those that understand we can’t stay where we are, then I have a chance."

In a statement, Boehner called Lungren is a respected Republican and a man deeply committed to the principles that define the party.