Attorney Fights To Uphold Passage of Prop 8

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, November 14, 2008

Attorney Andrew Pugno is lead attorney defending proposition 8 as three lawsuits have been filed to get the controversial measure thrown out.  In an earlier interview, KXJZ's Steve Shadley spoke with Christine Allen, an advocate who supports same-sex marriage.  Now, we hear from Pugno who says at least three lawsuits filed against prop 8 won't succeed...

(KXJZ's Steve Shadley speaks with Andrew Pugno about his efforts to protect prop 8 in the courts.  Interview runs 3minutes, 10 seconds)

Andrew Pugno is an attorney working to protect proposition 8 against legal challenges.  Any day now, the state supreme court is expected to decide if it will handle prop 8 appeals...or refer them to a lower court.