Theater Director Resigns After Ruckus Over Prop 8 Support

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Scott Eckern stepped down from his job at the California Musical Theater. Some gay activists had called for a boycott of the theater after learning Eckern contributed one-thousand dollars to the Yes on Proposition 8 campaign.
Kel Munger writes about local theater for the Sacramento News and Review weekly newspaper. She says the whole affair is disappointing. 

“Rather than being an opportunity for some dialogue, this has become a very divisive situation. And this whole idea of boycott is so disturbing because it hurts the very people that we would want to protect, that is, the people who are engaged in creating a cultural community.” 

In a statement, Eckern said he’s resigning to protect the California Musical Theatre. Last week, California voters approved Proposition Eight, which changes the constitution to ban same-sex marriage.