Campaign's Over; Here Comes the Hard Part...

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Johnson says he wants to work with all eight city council members – whether they supported him during the campaign or not.
Johnson: “I reached out to them before the election, and said either way, I’m gonna live in this city, I’d like to work with you.  I didn’t take any of this personal and I hope that they didn’t.  This is just politics.”
And he’s meeting not just with council members but top officials too – especially the ones who deal with the budget.  That’s because Johnson wants to be able to report the state of the city to Sacramento residents as soon as he takes office.
Johnson: “I wanna know what state we’re really in.  I think I have a responsibility to be very transparent to the public.  That’s what I campaigned on and I think they have the right to know how good or bad things are.  And once we know how brutal these facts are, our community can really come together and rally.”
Finally, Johnson’s learning all the little things that public officials need to know, like Robert’s Rules of Order and ethics laws.