Presidential Campaigns Make Final Push In California

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, November 3, 2008

California campaign offices for John McCain and Barack Obama are buzzing with activity in the final hours before tomorrow’s election. 

Phones are ringing off the hook today (Monday 11.3) at John McCain’s campaign headquarters in El Dorado County. 
That’s why campaign worker LaVeta Stelzmiller had to move to the quiet confines of a broom closet there to do this interview. 
McCain is trailing Barack Obama by double digits in the most recent California voter polls…but Stelzmiller says the mood is still upbeat… 
“The people in here are working and calling for McCain-Palin…and we know that we will win for our candidates.  That’s in El Dorado County…” 
At Barack Obama’s headquaters in Sacramento…campaign spokesman Mark Billingsley says local democrats are cautiously optimistic that Obama can win big in California… 
“We certainly not popping any champagne corks yet.   But our people are working hard to make sure we get this campaign past the finish line...” 
In the battleground state of Nevada, Sara Palin is making last minute campaign stops in Reno and Elko tonight.  And, Michelle Obama is campaigning in the Las Vegas suburb of Henderson.