Sacramento County To Unveil New Logo

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, October 27, 2008

The blue and gold seal emblazoned on county-owned vehicles and stationary was created back in 1961. Today, county officials say those kinds of emblems are obsolete. 

“Those have shown through survey research not to have registered very well with people in terms of being memorable or distinctive.”

County Supervisor Roger Dickinson says with all the services the county provides, from garbage pickup to animal shelters, many residents don’t know where to turn when there’s a problem. 

“It’s very easy to become confused or to be even unaware that a certain public entity exists or in fact is the entity to which they should turn when they need help.”

That’s why county officials hired the PR firm Astone-Crocker-Flanagan to come up with branding elements. County spokesman Zeke Holst says the lettering on the new logo has a classic Greek look…while the graphic element of waves reflects one of Sacramento’s most notable features…two-rivers.

“…and they’re blue waves and one’s a light blue and one’s a darker blue representing how important water is to this county.” 

The county paid Astone-Crocker-Flanagan $79,000 to come up with a new logo as well as conduct research and analysis to develop an overall communication strategy. Supervisor Dickinson says it's money well spent. 

“There is value if we can accomplish what’s sought here which is to have a clear brand.” 

The new logo will be unveiled Tuesday during the County Board of Supervisors meeting.