CSU Applications are Up

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, October 27, 2008

At Sacramento State University—admissions staff are busy reviewing thousands of applications… Other documents like transcripts-- are scanned so they can be reviewed along with applications submitted online…  Associate Vice President Ed Mills says the numbers are up noticeably.
“We’re actually up about 27-percent. That’s probably a combination both of more students applying but also more students applying earlier.”
Cal State schools began accepting applications at the beginning of the month.  Jim Blackburn is the Director of Enrollment Management Services for the C.S.U. Chancellor’s office. He says just a few weeks into October—the number of applications at schools statewide was around 88-thousand.  That’s about a 20-percent jump from this time last year. He says what’s unusual is all categories are up—that’s freshmen, transfers and graduate students. Blackburn says the economy is a likely factor.
It’s almost an axiom that when the economy dips a bit public universities or moderately priced institutions of higher education tend to see a spike…”
Blackburn says that’s because those who are laid off—or are worried about it often head back to re-tool.   Community colleges say the number of students attending this year is up 100-thousand over last year—about a six percent increase.  
Jim Blackburn with C-S-U says at this point there are six campuses that will close applications earlier because they’re filling up.  He says there’s another factor making it more competitive: the state budget crisis.  
 “We will be enrolling roughly 10-thousand fewer students than we would have had the crisis not occurred.”
Blackburn advises prospective Cal State students to get their applications in by November 30th—and perhaps have a back up campus in mind.
Note: Blackburn says the six “impacted” campuses that will close freshman applications November 30th are Sonoma, San Luis Obispo, Pomona, Long Beach, Fullerton and San Diego State.