Thousands of IRS Refunds Go Unclaimed in California

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, October 24, 2008

More than 45-thousand California taxpayers still haven’t received their tax refunds or economic stimulus rebate checks from the IRS. 
Some of the funds were mailed out over the summer as part of the Bush Administration’s effort to jump-start the nation’s economy.
About 27-hundred taxpayers in the Sacramento area are still waiting on their checks.
IRS Spokesman Jesse Weller… 
“checks go undelivered because of various reasons but the most common one is that people have moved and did not leave a forwarding address either with the post office or the IRS.  Sometimes the checks are undeliverable because the address just isn’t good…”
If you haven’t received your check--you’d better hurry. 
Weller says under federal law…the economic stimulus checks must be cashed by the end of the year.   Although tax refunds can be cashed as late as next year.