Prop 8 Endorsement Spurs Recall Vote At Campus

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Last month, a majority of ARC’s 15-member Student Association voted to endorse Proposition 8, the controversial initiative that would ban gay marriage in California. Viktor Choban is one of them.       

"I pray to God that we stay in office because we want the good of the students and we don’t mean anything evil against anybody." 

The student council’s endorsement of Prop 8 sent the campus into an uproar, pitting more liberal students against conservative Christians. Choban says he and the other council members who support Prop Eight are being harassed for their religious beliefs. 

"Me, as a Christian, I feel very persecuted by them on my campus for anything that I believe against – homosexuality." 

But recall supporters, like ARC student David Fisher, say their opinion was overlooked because of the personal agenda of just a few students who sit on the council. 

"The student council at ARC is just broken." 

Fisher says the uproar over the Prop Eight endorsement is hurting the campus' status. 

"If you walk around the community now and you talk to people, people say ‘oh you go to ARC, that’s the place that hates diversity.’ People are really upset that their reputations are being effected by the actions of this council."

If the recall is successful, a special election could be held before the end of the year.