Los Rios Community College District Asks For Bond Approval

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, October 20, 2008

Voters in the Sacramento area will decide whether they want to raise their property taxes on next month’s ballot. 
The 475-million dollar “Measure M” bond proposal would fund classroom and other construction projects at local community colleges. 
Los Rios Community College District is asking voters to increase their property taxes by a little more than nine-dollars per 100-thousand dollars of assessed valuation annually. 
That’s about the cost of a take-out pizza for owners of a 200-thousand dollar home. 
Brice Harris is the district’s chancellor.  He says more money is needed to keep up with enrollment that’s expected to reach a total of 90-thousand students… 
“If we don’t do something about facitlies—a decade from now in 2018—we will only be able to handle about 75-percent demand of what these students have…”
Opponents say considering the economic climate…it’s not a good time for a tax increase.  Kris Vossburgh is director of the “The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association”… 
“The only people that have to pay for these bonds are property owners and property owners aren’t a bunch of rich guys that own estates.  They’re mostly people with 2 and 3 bedroom houses that they’re trying to hold on to…” 
The bond needs a 55-percent majority to pass.  If approved the funding would be distributed to Consumnes River, American River, Folsom Lake and Sacramento city Colleges by an independent oversight committee.