Theatre Review: On Golden Pond

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, October 8, 2008

This play is about an old curmudgeon, turning 80. He objects when his wife gamely suggests that he’s still middle-aged.

“Middle age means the middle, Ethel, the middle of life. People don’t live to be 150.”

“We’re at the far edge of middle age.”

“We are not, you know. We’re not middle-aged. You old, and I’m ancient.”


That’s actor David Silberman, a balding guy who blinks like an owl, and knows how to tell a joke. Humor always works better in person. But this gentle family comedy is also less sentimental than its movie counterpart. And more focused, because every scene is set in the same living room.

It’s clear that the old guy is short on time and needs to mend the chilly relationship with his daughter, and get to know her teenage stepson. But he never stops musing about the past.

“I’ve driven enough cars… How many cars would you say I’ve had. Twenty, probably, if you don’t count the Nash. Twenty cars and one Nash.”

Silberman’s crafty performance is the center of gravity for this low-key production, and you probably won’t see a better match of actor and material all year. 

Foothill Theatre's production of "On Golden Pond" continues through October 26th.