Illegal Operators Often Culprits in Bus Crashes

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sunday night’s crash killed eight people and injured dozens more. The bus was headed to the Colusa Casino an hour northwest of Sacramento when it rolled into a ditch.

American Bus Association president, Pete Pantuso, says tragedies like this happen when regulations are lax.

“The federal and state departments of transportation, highway patrol, need to make sure they’re looking at every bus company on a regular basis to make sure that those that aren’t fit to be running and don’t have the safety precautions in place or hiring good, reliable drivers are put out of business in some way or form.”
Pantuso says because illegal operators can slip through the cracks, consumers need to check out charter bus’s safety records online before getting on board.

Meanwhile, the California Highway Patrol says it inspects charter buses once a year. Investigators say they suspect the bus owner was Daniel Cobb of Cobb Transportation. Cobb was one of the victims who died in the accident.