Fee HIkes For Car Registration, Parks Tucked Into Budget

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, September 25, 2008

California drivers and some park-goers will be paying a bit more under the new budget.  The car registration fee is going up by eleven bucks as of December first.  The money will support the CHP.  Spokesman Tom Marshall: 

Marshall: “We’re doing what we can to hold down every expense that we can, but this isn’t the cheapest department to run.  We are protecting public safety and we just can’t park our patrol cars and not patrol the road and respond to calls from the public.”

Starting Wednesday, It’ll also cost you a dollar or two more to visit 36 state parks.  Sheryl Watson with California State parks says people should know the state chose locations that were cheaper than average: 

Watson: “We hope that they realize too they have been paying a lower fee from what most parks are charging all along.” 

The increase will raise 1.5 million dollars.  Watson says the hike is preferable to closing parks, which the Governor proposed in his January budget.