Reactions to News Of Extended Lay Offs

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, September 24, 2008

When Josh Patterson was laid off from the Office of State Publishing in July he was optimistic he’d be re-hired soon—since then he’s been collecting unemployment.  “Just until the budget’s passed, then we were all supposed to go back to work then go back to normal…”

But Governor Schwarzenegger’s Finance Director says those ten-thousand layoffs could be in effect much longer— ‘til at least next June. That’s in order to save some 340 million dollars.  For Patterson it’s a big disappointment. 

 “It’s been by far the best job that I’ve had so I’ve tried to hold out as long as I can.” 

Patterson says he’s now talking with a previous employer and has an interview next week. As for the state jobs the Finance Director says some may be filled on a case-by case basis.