Governor To Sign Budget-- Checks Will Go Out

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, September 22, 2008

State Controller John Chiang has asked agencies and departments to decide who gets paid first. He wants to speed up the claims process.  Among the earliest checks out—will be Medi-Cal payments withheld from nursing homes, hospitals and clinics.  He says the goal is to get those checks in the mail within 48 hours of the budget being signed 

 “We’re gonna go around the clock we’re making re-assignments in the Controller’s office so that we can move this out in record pace. For others we hope we can get it out in seven to ten days…” 

Chiang says he normally has 15 days to process standard claims.  He estimates he’ll make roughly 12 billion dollars in payments in the coming weeks to schools, community colleges and vendors who haven’t been paid during the budget impasse.