Farm Bureau Opposes Yolo County Prison Construction

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, September 22, 2008

California Farm Bureau Federation officials say construction of a 500 bed prison in the small town of Madison is a bad idea. 

Chris Scheuring is an attorney with the organization. He says the prison would bring too much traffic.   

"Farmers move equipment around on these rural roads and they lose the ability to be able to do that or it becomes a much more dangerous proposition. That’s familiar in any development context and certainly for a major facility that’s put in the middle of a predominantly agricultural area it’s more so." 

Scheuring says no decision has been yet on whether to file a lawsuit to block the project. 

But Yolo County officials say the prison would be a good deal for the area. The state is offering grants to counties that provide land for the so-called “re-entry” facilities…intended to rehabilitate inmates nearing their parole. And Yolo County officials say that would amount to $30 million they could spend on expanding the county’s own jail…which they say is overcrowded.