Yolo County Moves Forward With Mini-Prison

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Board of Supervisors Tuesday voted in support of listing the rural community of Madison as a potential site for a 500-bed state rehabilitation center.

Under the deal, the state would give Yolo County $30 million to improve its own county jail. Supervisor Helen Thomson supports the plan. 

"That $30 million will extend the life of our local jail. So this is the best option we have and while it may be Sophie’s Choice, it’s one that the board needs to take." 

But longtime Madison residents like Amanda Fletcher told supervisors it was a bad idea. 

"This is not the right spot. I don’t want a prison around my son’s future. We need it more in the urban community, not in the rural community. We’re farmland, we don’t need no prison." 

Opponents of the plan say they may file a lawsuit to block it.

State corrections officials want to build re-entry facilities throughout California. The mini-prisons are designed to rehabilitate prisoners with job training and counseling before their release.