Marijuana Growing Ring Busted

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Gordon Taylor is a special agent with the US Drug Enforcement Administration. He says nearly 800 marijuana plants were found in a posh two-story home in El Dorado Hills. Another 500 were found in a Placerville home. And equipment used to grow the plants was found inside a Cameron Park home. Taylor says the suspects are making it harder for neighbors to detect the indoor farms. 

"Two years ago when we were finding these grows in Elk Grove or Stockton, the entire house was being used to cultivate marijuana. Nobody actually lived in the residence. Today, they make it to appear that the house is actually being lived in and only the lower level is being used to cultivate the marijuana." 

Taylor says agents arrested six key players in the Sacramento-based drug ring. Some of the suspects were also living in Elk Grove and Lincoln.