Johnson Wins Fire Union's Nod

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, September 15, 2008

Union spokesman Chris Harvey says he realizes the mayor and city council have tough budget choices to make.  But the cuts have forced the department to close one fire company a day on a rolling basis, and Harvey says that’s unacceptable.
Harvey: “Sacramento continues to grow and our department continues to shrink.  We do not believe cuts should be made if lives of Sacramento citizens are placed in jeopardy.” 
Police and fire took far smaller cuts in this year’s budget than every other department.  So restoring public safety funds would mean even larger hits to services like parks and libraries.
In a statement, Mayor Heather Fargo says the union’s endorsement doesn’t change her commitment to fire protection for the entire city.  She says in the last few years, Sacramento has built a brand-new fire station and renovated two others.