Four Natomas Home Invasions Linked to One Suspect

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, September 15, 2008

The four crimes are spread out over a year, from last June to this June.  Sacramento Police Lieutenant Dave Johnson says he won’t get into specifics, but …
Johnson: “We have physical evidence that links all four of these crimes.” 
In all four cases, the suspect got into the house either through an open garage, or by tricking the victim into opening the door.  Twice, the home invasions included sexual assault. 

Now, Johnson says the police and sheriffs departments are looking at other Natomas cases that date back two years.
Johnson: “Anything – home invasions, sexual assault wise that has a similar MO, or similar suspect description, we’re going back, pulling the finger prints, whatever else we have physical evidence-wise and comparing it to these cases to see if there’s a link.  There may or may not be; we just don’t know.”
Officials are also hoping the public can help identify the suspect.  Click the pictures at the right to see the sketches. (Note: The two sketches are based on two different descriptions of the likely suspect.)