Budget Deadlock: First Health Clinics to Shut Down

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, September 11, 2008

A San Diego area network of community clinics will temporarily close or cut back services at up to seven of its facilities. That’s because without a state budget Medi-Cal payments to clinics stopped more than six weeks ago. And, the emergency loans to keep them in business are running out.

Carmela Castellano-Garcia is with the California Primary Care Association which advocates for clinics around the state. She says if the budget gridlock isn’t broken soon more clinics will close.

“This budget impasse by impacting the ability of families to get just basic health care services for themselves and for their children is really a crippling blow and something that we shouldn’t stand for.”
The San Diego Borrego Community Health Foundation will announce the final details of its clinic closures on Monday. Its projecting 300 patients a day will lose their health care until a budget is passed. Around California almost four million patients a year use community health clinics.