Theatre Review: The Little Dog Laughed

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(Sacramento, CA)
Sunday, September 7, 2008

In Tinseltown, you want to watch out when people tell you that you’re good. It means they’re after something. In this play, a Hollywood star and his agent doggedly pursue a gay playwright, hoping to make a movie based on a much praised drama about a relationship between two men. Listen to them lay it on thick.

“Your play is so beautiful.” “It’s a poem, it’s a two and a half hour poem.” “I saw it last night, and I may just have to sit down and read it.” “Oh my God, I cried so much.” “I thought you’d been reunited with a birth parent, you cried so much.”

Of course, the agent actually wants to change the ending, bringing in a female love interest. But this is only one of the many betrayals in this caustic comedy. Everybody in this story is living a lie, and the lies keep getting bigger.
For instance, the movie star, ostensibly straight, gets caught naked in bed with a cute guy from an escort service. The star immediately denies that he’s paying for sex, but the agent knows better.

Sincerity is a frequent casualty in this cynical comedy. But the show is also outrageously funny. It’s strangely entertaining to watch these ambitious deceivers manipulate each other with one creepy deal after another. And the resulting chaos tickles your funnybone.

Sacramento's B Street Theatre presents "The Little Dog Laughed" through October 11th.