Area Delegates React To McCain Speech

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(St. Paul, MN)
Friday, September 5, 2008

McCain promised to rid Washington of its “constant partisan rancor” …just one night after some partisan barbs from the number two on the ticket Sarah Palin. The speech was short on policy specifics but Ann Whitley from Auburn liked what she heard:

ANN WHITLEY: "I thought it was wonderful – I was cheering, I was crying at points… he is a great American and he is the perfect man to be our next president."

McCain stuck close to traditional conservative themes – low taxes, school vouchers and strong defense. John Sterela is a lawyer from Oakland:

JOHN STERELA: "I was inspired and I was called to a higher level of service."

McCain and Palin hit the campaign trail in Wisconsin today. From Capitol News Connection in St Paul, I'm Melinda Wittstock, KXJZ News