Corti Brothers To Stay Put

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fifty chefs in crisp white jackets and about 200 supporters were going to show up anyway. Peg Tomlinson had organized a rally to convince Corti’s landlord to let the store and its president Darrell Corti stay-put past an October 15th deadline and thru the holidays. 

"We’ve got every major chef in Sacramento for crying out loud, Biba, Kurt Spataro, Rick Mahan, the executive chef of the college, Ettore’s here. Everybody is here to support Darrell. Because let’s face he did educate the palate of Sacramento, and none of us food people would be here if it weren’t for him." 

They didn’t have much to protest. A Good Eats open letter published in the Sacramento Bee, and costing nearly $8,000 in ad rates, said Good Eats would not pursue the Corti site. At the rally, Corti acknowledged that a Good Eats will open nearby in the former Andiamo restaurant, and he extended his hand. 

"Welcome to East Sacramento." 

The current Corti Brothers site remains in negotiations.