Sac Firefighters Join Hurricane Gustav Efforts

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, September 2, 2008

California emergency workers will arrive in Louisiana this evening (Tuesday 9.2) to help with recovery efforts after Hurricane Gustav.  
A few dozen firefighters from Sacramento and Stockton are driving their fire trucks to Louisiana and should arrive sometime this evening.
Sac Fire Battalion Chief…Chris Costamagna (Cost-ah-mon-ya) says his unit is taking a load of rescue boats to Baton Rouge.
He spoke to us on his cell phone from the road in Kerrville, Texas earlier today…where firefighters were stocking up on supplies… 
“Eight boat teams from the state of California are out here.  We convoyed out and each boat team has 2 to 3 boats with it.  We were told to make sure we have plenty of food, fuel and water before we cross the border of Texas…”
Most of the firefighters in Costamagna’s unit were in Louisiana following Hurricane Katrina three years ago…so he says they’re mentally prepared for what their about to do. 
He says a couple of Sac firefighters who flew to Louisiana say flood waters are a few feet deep in spots of Baton Rouge and the biggest problem right now is power outages.