Round-up Of Bills In Jeopardy

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The deadline for lawmakers to consider bills was Sunday the 31st – and unsurprisingly they were still voting on bills the final day.

But remember Governor Schwarzenegger’s threat not to sign any legislation until there’s a budget?  His Press Secretary Aaron McLear says that’s still in effect: 

if we don’t have a budget by September 30th, as he has said, he’s going to be very busy with the veto pen.”

September 30th is the deadline for the Governor to sign or veto the bills lawmakers send to his desk.  Among the bills now facing an uncertain future:  One requiring chain restaurants to include calorie counts on menus and another authorizing five billion dollars in bonds to pay for courthouse improvements.  There was also one cracking down on thieves who steal cans and bottles from curbside recycling containers, and another giving parents more time safely surrender a newborn.  Lawmakers also gave the go-ahead again for a state-run health care program. That’s been vetoed by the Governor before.