Local Rescue Teams Deployed To Gulf Coast

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, September 1, 2008

The group of 14 firefighters left Sunday night and is expected to arrive Tuesday morning. 

Captain Jim Doucette is with the Sacramento City Fire Department. He says many of the same firefighters were deployed to the Gulf Coast three years ago…after Hurricane Katrina.

"They’re trained to rescue people out of water and if you remember in Katrina they were in their little boats and they went from house to house and they checked on people that may have been trapped inside their home. They did actually get people out of attacks. They do that type of rescue." 

The Swift Water Rescue Team is expected to be deployed for two-weeks.

Meanwhile, the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District and the Stockton Fire Department have also sent rescue teams to the Gulf Coast. All totaled, California is sending more than 300 personnel in response to Hurricane Gustav.